The Beautiful Advice of Ja’far Al-Sâdiq (d.148 AH) to his Son

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

On the authority of some of the companions of Jaʿfar al-Ṣādiq, he said: I visited Jaʿfar while Mūsá (ie: the son of Jaʿfar) was with him and he was giving him this advice. What follows is what I remembered from it.

وعن بعض أصحاب جعفر الصادق قال دخلت على جعفر وموسى بين يديه وهو يوصيه بهذه الوصية فكان مما حفظت منها أن

He said to him: O my son, accept my advice and remember what I say, for if you remember it, you will live happily and die praiseworthy.

قال: يا بني أقبل وصيتي واحفظ مقالتي فانك إن حفظتها تعش سعيدا وتمت حميدا

O my son, he who is content with what Allāh portioned for him is rich, he who extends his eye to what is in the hands of others dies poor,

يا بني انه من قنع بما قسم الله له استغنى ومن مد عينه إلى ما في يد غيره مات فقيرا

And he who does not accept what Allāh, The Mighty and Majestic, portioned for him accuses Allāh, the Highest, in His judgment.

ومن لم يرض بما قسم الله عز وجل له اتهم الله تعالى في قضائه

He who minimizes his own mistakes magnifies the mistakes of others, and he who minimizes the mistakes of others magnifies his own mistakes.

ومن استصغر زلة نفسه استعصم زلة غيره ومن استصغر زلة غيره استعظم زلة نفسه

O my son, he who uncovers the veil of others [i.e. their faults], the faults of his house will be revealed,

يا بني من كشف حجاب غيره انكشفت عورات بيته

And who extends the sword of injustice is killed by it.

ومن سل سيف البغي قتل به

He who digs a hole for his brother falls in it.

ومن احتفر لأخيه بئراً سقط فيها

He who associates with fools is despised, he who associates with scholars is respected, and he who acts suspiciously is accused.

من داخل السفهاء حقر ومن خالط العلماء وقر ومن دخل مداخل السوء اتهم

O my son, speak the truth whether it is for you or against you and beware of gossip, for it sows hatred in the hearts of men.

يا بني قل الحق لك وعليك وإياك والنميمة فإنها تزرع الشحناء في قلوب الرجال

O my son, if you seek nobility (in people), seek it from its sources (i.e. the noble).”

يا بني إذا طلبت الجود فعليك بمعادنه.

Ibn al-Jāwzī, Ṣifah al-Ṣafwah 1/392

ابن الجوزي، صفة الصفوة ١/٣٩٢

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