Sîrah Series: Salmân Al-Fârisî Searches For The Truth

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Narrated on the authority of ‘Âsim Ibn ‘Umar Ibn Qatâdah Al-Ansârî Ibn Mahmûd Ibn Labîd from ‘Abdullâh Ibn ‘Abbâs that Salmân Al-Fârisî told him:

I was a Persian from Isfahân [present day Iran], from a village called Jayy. My father was the mayor of the village and I was dearer to him than anything else in the world. His love for me went to such an extent that he shut me in his house as if I were a girl. I was a zealous Magian and I became the keeper of the sacred fire,replenishing it and not letting it go out for a moment. My father owned a large farm, and one day he was busy constructing a building, and he told me to go out and take care of the business and gave me some orders. On my way to the farm, I passed by a church and heard them praying, so I went in to investigate. I did not know much about people since I was not allowed to leave the house. Thus, this was something new to me and I came to realise that there was a new religion. I was quite impressed by their method of praying and I ended up staying with them until sunset neglecting my father’s farm. I asked about the origin of their religion and they said: “It is in Shâm [present day Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon]. I returned to my father who sent people searching for me, something that interrupted his work. He asked me where I had been and he reproached me for not obeying his instructions. I told him that I had passed by some men who were praying in their church and that I was so pleased with what I saw of their religion that I stayed with them until sunset. He said: “My son, there is no good in that religion; the religion of your fathers is better.” “No,” I said: “No, by Allâh, it is better than our religion.” My father, having got even more worried that his son would change his religion, chained me in the house and imprisoned me there. While in shackles, I managed to send a message to the Christians telling then to inform me if there was a caravan going to Shâm.

When the Christian merchants from Shâm came to the Christians of my village, they told me about them. I asked them to tell me when the merchants had finished their business and wanted to go back to their own country and they did. Thereupon, I cast off the fetters from my feet and went with them to Shâm. When I reached Shâm I asked about the most learned man of Christianity. I was directed to the Bishop. I went to him and told him that I liked this religion and would like to accompany him to serve his church, learn from him, and pray with him. He invited me to come in and I did so. The Bishop was a bad man as he used to ask the people to donate and then he would keep the donations for himself rather than distributing them among the poor, until he collected seven chests of gold and silver. For this reason, I hated him. When he died, the Christians wanted to give him a proper burial but I exposed his evil deeds and led them to where he used to keep the money that he had collected unlawfully. This angered the people and they ended up crucifying and stoning him instead. They appointed someone in his place and I have never seen a non-Muslim whom I consider more virtuous, more ascetic, more devoted to the next life, and more consistent night and day than this man. Thus, I loved him as I had never loved anyone before.

I stayed him with for a long time until he was about to die. I told him how much I loved him and asked him to confide me to someone else. He said: “My dear son, today I do not know anyone who is as I am. Men have died and have either altered or abandoned most of their true religion, except a man in Mawsil [a city in present day Irâq]; he follows my religion, so join him.”

Therefore, after his death and burial, I attached myself to the man of Mawsil telling him that so-and-so had confided me to him when he died and told me that you follow the same path. I stayed with him and found him just as he had been described, but it was not long before he died and I asked him to confide me to someone else. He replied that he only knew one man, in Nisibis [a city in present day Turkey], who followed the same path and he recommended me to go to him. I stayed with this good man in Nisibis for some time and before he died he recommended me to go to a colleague in ‘Amûrîyyah [a city in present day Turkey]. I stayed with him for some time and worked until I owned some cows and a small flock of sheep, then when he was about to die I asked him to confide me to someone else. He told me that he knew no one following the same path, and said: “Except that a prophet is about to emerge and would be sent with the religion of Ibrahîm; he would come forth in Arabia and would migrate to somewhere with date palms growing between two scorched rocky plains. That prophet would have unmistakable signs: he would eat things given to him as gifts but not charity, and between his shoulders there is a seal of Prophethood. If you can go there, then do so.”

After his death and burial, I stayed in ‘Amûrîyyah as long as Allâh willed. Then a group of Arab merchants from the tribe of Kalb passed by me and I asked them to take me to Arabia and I would give them the cows and sheep I had with me. They accepted the offer and took me with them until we reached Wâdi Al-Qura [North of Madînah], where they sold me to a Jew as a slave. Seeing the palm-trees I hoped that this would be the town which my master had described to me, but I was not certain.

Then a cousin of my Jewish master from Banu Quraythah of Madînah came and bought me and carried me away to this city. By Allâh, as soon as I saw it I recognised it from the description of the man of ‘Amûrîyyah. I dwelt there and the Messenger of Allâh was sent and lived in Makkah,but I did not hear about him because I was fully occupied as a slave. Then, he migrated to Madînah. While I was on top of a palm-tree belonging to my master, who was sitting below it, his cousin came and said to him: “May Allâh destroy Banu Qaylah! They are now receiving a man at Quba who has come to them from Makkah claiming he is a prophet.”

On hearing him, I trembled and was about to fall on my master, so I came down from the palm-tree and began to say to his cousin: “What did you say? What did you say?” My master was angry and gave me a heavy blow, saying: “This is none of your business! Get back to your work.” I said: “I just wanted to verify his report.”

I took a little food and went in the evening to the Messenger of Allâh who was in Quba [outskirts of Medînah], and said: “I heard that you are a very good man and have companions who are strangers and needy. So I have brought you this food as charity and I think that you are the one who deserves it most.” The Messenger of Allâh accepted the food from me and told his companions to eat but he did not join them. I said to myself:” This is the first sign. “

Later, I brought some food to the Messenger of Allâh who was on his way to Madînah. I went to him, greeted him and said: “I saw that you did not eat charity. So I hope that you accept this food as a gift from me.” I handed the food to the Messenger of Allâh who invited his companions to come and eat and he joined them.”

I said to myself :”This is the second sign.”

Then I went to him and visited him at Baqî’ [cemetery of Madînah], while he was following a funeral procession. The Messenger of Allâh was sitting with his companions while wearing two cloaks, I greeted him and went around him to see his back, feeling that I was trying to look for something that was described for me, he uncovered his back, throwing off the cloak that was covering his shoulders. On doing so, I recognised the seal of Prophethood and I started kissing him and weeping. Then, the Prophet asked me to stand up and I told him my story as I told you, O Ibn ‘Abbâs. My story appealed much to the Prophet and he asked me to narrate it to his companions.

Then, Salmân was engaged in slavery and could not attend with the Messenger of Allâh both battles of Badr and Uhud.

Salmân resumed: Then, the Messenger of Allâh said to me: “Conclude a deed of emancipation with your master for a certain sum of money, O Salmân!” I concluded a written deed of emancipation with my master in return for three hundred date-palm trees to plant and forty ounces. The Messenger of Allâh said to him companions:”Help your brother (Salmân).” They helped me, each according to his capacity, one with thirty plants, another with twenty, a third with fifteen and a fourth with ten, and so until I collected three hundred plants. Then, the Messenger of Allâh said to me: “Go, O Salmân, and dig for them, until when you finish, inform me.”

I did accordingly, and my companions helped me until when I finished, I came and informed him, thereupon the Messenger of Allâh came out with me and placed the plants with his own hand, until we finished from them entirely. By Him in Whose Hand is the life of Salmân, none of them died.

Thus, I fulfilled the date-palm trees and the money was still due on me. Later on, the Messenger of Allâh received a precious stone like a chicks egg, thereupon he asked: “What has the Persiab Mukâtab done?” I was invited and brought to him, and he said to me: “Take this, and fulfill what is due on you therefrom.” I said: “O Messenger of Allâh! What could this do?” he said: “Take it, no doubt Allâh will fulfill, through it, on your behalf.” I took it and by Him in Whose Hand is the life of Salmân, weighed from it forty ounces and gave what was due on me.” Thus, Salmân was freed. He said: I attended, along with the Messenger of Allâh the battle of Al-Khandaq as free, and from that time on, no event with him (The Prophet) skipped me.

Musnad Imâm Ahmad 23737. Ibn Kathir in Al-Bidâyah wa An-Nihâyah 1602. Al-Mustadrak of Al-Hâkim. Declared as Hasan in Silsilah As-Sahîhah 2/556 of Al-Albânî. Declared Hasan by Shu’ayb Al-Arnaût in his checking of Musnad Imâm Ahmad.

حدثني عاصم بن عمر بن قتادة الأنصاري عن محمود بن لبيد عن عبد الله بن عباس قال: حدثني سلمان الفارسي من فيه، قال: كنت رجلا فارسيا من أهل أصبهان من أهل قرية يقال لها: جي وكان أبي دهقان قريته، وكنت أحب خلق الله إليه، لم يزل حبه إياي حتى حبسني في بيته كما تحبس الجارية، واجتهدت في المجوسية حتى كنت قطن النار التي يوقدها لا يتركها تخبو ساعة قال: وكانت لأبي ضيعة عظيمة قال: فشغل في بنيان له يوما فقال لي: يا بني إني قد شغلت في بنياني هذا اليوم عن ضيعتي فاذهب إليها فاطلعها، وأمرني فيها ببعض ما يريد، ثم قال لي: ولا تحتبس عني فإنك إن احتبست عني كنت أهم إلي من ضيعتي، وشغلتني عن كل شيء من أمري قال: فخرجت أريد ضيعته التي بعثني إليها فمررت بكنيسة من كنائس النصارى فسمعت أصواتهم فيها وهم يصلون، وكنت لا أدري ما أمر الناس لحبس أبي إياي في بيته فلما سمعت أصواتهم دخلت عليهم أنظر ما يصنعون فلما رأيتهم أعجبتني صلاتهم، ورغبت في أمرهم، وقلت: هذا والله خير من الدين الذي نحن عليه فوالله ما برحتهم حتى غربت الشمس، وتركت ضيعة أبي فلم آتها ثم قلت لهم: أين أصل هذا الدين قالوا بالشام فرجعت إلى أبي وقد بعث في طلبي، وشغلته عن أمره كله فلما جئت قال: أي بني أين كنت ألم أكن عهدت إليك ما عهدت؟
قال: قلت: يا أبت مررت بأناس يصلون في كنيسة لهم فأعجبني ما رأيت من دينهم فوالله ما زلت عندهم حتى غربت الشمس قال: أي بني ليس في ذلك الدين خير، دينك ودين آبائك خير منه. قال: قلت: كلا والله إنه لخير من ديننا؟ قال: فخافني فجعل في رجلي قيدا ثم حبسني في بيته. قال: وبعثت إلى النصارى فقلت لهم: إذا قدم عليكم ركب من الشام فأخبروني بهم قال: فقدم عليهم ركب من الشام تجار من النصارى فأخبروني بهم فقلت لهم: إذا قضوا حوائجهم وأرادوا الرجعة إلى بلادهم فآذنوني. قال: فلما أرادوا الرجعة إلى بلادهم أخبروني بهم فألقيت الحديد من رجلي، ثم خرجت معهم حتى قدمت الشام فلما قدمتها قلت: من أفضل أهل هذا الدين علما؟ قالوا: الأسقف في الكنيسة قال: فجئته فقلت له: إني قد رغبت في هذا الدين وأحببت أن أكون معك وأخدمك في كنيستك وأتعلم منك فأصلي معك. قال: ادخل فدخلت معه فكان رجل سوء يأمرهم بالصدقة ويرغبهم فيها فإذا جمعوا له شيئا منها كنزه لنفسه، ولم يعطه المساكين حتى جمع سبع قلال من ذهب، وورق قال: وأبغضته بغضا شديدا لما رأيته يصنع ثم مات، واجتمعت له النصارى ليدفنوه فقلت لهم: إن هذا كان رجل سوء يأمركم بالصدقة ويرغبكم فيها فإذا جئتموه بها اكتنزها لنفسه، ولم يعط المساكين منها شيئا قال: فقالوا لي: وما علمك بذلك؟ قال: فقلت لهم: أنا أدلكم على كنزه قالوا: فدلنا قال: فأريتهم موضعه فاستخرجوا سبع قلال مملوءة ذهبا وورقا فلما رأوها قالوا: لا ندفنه أبدا قال: فصلبوه ورجموه بالحجارة، وجاءوا برجل آخر فجعلوه مكانه. قال: يقول سلمان: فما رأيت رجلا لا يصلي الخمس أرى أنه أفضل منه أزهد في الدنيا ولا أرغب في الآخرة ولا أدأب ليلا ونهارا، قال: فأحببته حبا لم أحب شيئا قبله مثله.
قال: فأقمت معه زمانا، ثم حضرته الوفاة فقلت له: إني قد كنت معك وأحببتك حبا لم أحبه شيئا قبلك، وقد حضرك ما ترى من أمر الله تعالى فإلى من توصي بي وبم تأمرني به؟ قال: أي بني والله ما أعلم اليوم أحدا على ما كنت عليه لقد هلك الناس وبدلوا وتركوا أكثر ما كانوا عليه، إلا رجلا بالموصل وهو فلان وهو على ما كنت عليه فالحق به قال: فلما مات وغيب، لحقت بصاحب الموصل فقلت: يا فلان إن فلانا أوصاني عند موته أن ألحق بك، وأخبرني أنك على أمره فقال لي أقم عندي فأقمت عنده فوجدته خير رجل على أمر صاحبه فلم يلبث أن مات فلما حضرته الوفاة قلت له: يا فلان إن فلانا أوصى بي إليك، وأمرني باللحوق بك وقد حضرك من أمر الله ما ترى فإلى من توصي بي وبم تأمرني؟ قال: يا بني والله ما أعلم رجلا على مثل ما كنا عليه إلا رجلا بنصيبين وهو فلان فالحق به فلما مات وغيب، لحقت بصاحب نصيبين فأخبرته خبري وما أمرني به صاحباي فقال: أقم عندي فأقمت عنده فوجدته على أمر صاحبيه فأقمت مع خير رجل فوالله ما لبث أن نزل به الموت فلما حضر قلت له: يا فلان إن فلانا كان أوصى بي إلى فلان، ثم أوصى بي فلان إلى فلان، ثم أوصى بي فلان إليك فإلى من توصي بي، وبم تأمرني؟ قال: يا بني والله ما أعلمه بقي أحد على أمرنا آمرك أن تأتيه إلا رجلا بعمورية من أرض الروم فإنه على مثل ما نحن عليه فإن أحببت فائته فإنه على أمرنا.
فلما مات وغيب لحقت بصاحب عمورية فأخبرته خبري فقال: أقم عندي فأقمت عند خير رجل على هدي أصحابه وأمرهم. قال: واكتسبت حتى كانت لي بقرات وغنيمة. قال: ثم نزل به أمر الله فلما حضر قلت له: يا فلان إني كنت مع فلان فأوصى بي إلى فلان، ثم أوصى بي فلان إلى فلان، ثم أوصى بي فلان إلى فلان، ثم أوصى بي فلان إليك فإلى من توصي بي وبم تأمرني؟ قال: أي بني والله ما أعلمه أصبح أحد على مثل ما كنا عليه من الناس آمرك أن تأتيه، ولكنه قد أظل زمان نبي مبعوث بدين إبراهيم يخرج بأرض العرب. مهاجره إلى أرض بين حرتين بينهما نخل به علامات لا تخفى; يأكل الهدية ولا يأكل الصدقة بين كتفيه خاتم النبوة فإن استطعت أن تلحق بتلك البلاد فافعل قال: ثم مات وغيب، ومكثت بعمورية ما شاء الله أن أمكث، ثم مر بي نفر من كلب تجار فقلت لهم: احملوني إلى أرض العرب، وأعطيكم بقراتي هذه، وغنيمتي هذه قالوا: نعم فأعطيتهموها وحملوني معهم حتى إذا بلغوا وادي القرى ظلموني فباعوني من رجل يهودي عبدا فكنت عنده، ورأيت النخل فرجوت أن يكون البلد الذي وصف لي صاحبي، ولم يحق في نفسي.
فبينا أنا عنده إذ قدم عليه ابن عم له من بني قريظة من المدينة فابتاعني منه فاحتملني إلى المدينة فوالله ما هو إلا أن رأيتها فعرفتها بصفة صاحبي لها فأقمت بها، وبعث رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم فأقام بمكة ما أقام ولا أسمع له بذكر مما أنا فيه من شغل الرق، ثم هاجر إلى المدينة فوالله إني لفي رأس عذق لسيدي أعمل فيه بعض العمل، وسيدي جالس تحتي إذ أقبل ابن عم له حتى وقف عليه فقال: يا فلان قاتل الله بني قيلة والله إنهم لمجتمعون الآن بقباء على رجل قدم من مكة اليوم يزعمون أنه نبي قال سلمان: فلما سمعتها أخذتني العرواء حتى ظننت أني ساقط على سيدي فنزلت عن النخلة فجعلت أقول لابن عمه ماذا تقول؟ ماذا تقول؟ قال: فغضب سيدي فلكمني لكمة شديدة، ثم قال ما لك ولهذا؟ أقبل على عملك قال: فقلت: لا شيء إنما أردت أن أستثبته عما قال.
قال: وقد كان عندي شيء قد جمعته فلما أمسيت أخذته، ثم ذهبت به إلى رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم وهو بقباء فدخلت عليه فقلت له: إنه قد بلغني أنك رجل صالح، ومعك أصحاب لك غرباء ذوو حاجة. وهذا شيء كان عندي للصدقة فرأيتكم أحق به من غيركم قال: فقربته إليه فقال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم: لأصحابه كلوا وأمسك يده فلم يأكل فقلت في نفسي هذه واحدة، ثم انصرفت عنه فجمعت شيئا، وتحول رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم إلى المدينة، ثم جئته فقلت له: إني قد رأيتك لا تأكل الصدقة، وهذه هدية أكرمتك بها قال: فأكل رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم منها، وأمر أصحابه فأكلوا معه. قال: فقلت في نفسي هاتان ثنتان قال، ثم جئت رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم وهو ببقيع الغرقد قد تبع جنازة رجل من أصحابه، وعليه شملتان وهو جالس في أصحابه فسلمت عليه، ثم استدبرته أنظر إلى ظهره هل أرى الخاتم الذي وصف لي صاحبي؟ فلما رآني رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم استدبرته عرف أني أستثبت في شيء وصف لي فألقى رداءه عن ظهره فنظرت إلى الخاتم فعرفته فأكببت عليه أقبله وأبكي فقال لي رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم: تحول فتحولت بين يديه فقصصت عليه حديثي كما حدثتك يا ابن عباس فأعجب رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم أن يسمع ذاك أصحابه.
ثم شغل سلمان الرق حتى فاته مع رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم بدر وأحد قال سلمان: ثم قال لي رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم: كاتب يا سلمان فكاتبت صاحبي على ثلاثمائة نخلة أحييها له بالفقير وأربعين أوقية فقال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم لأصحابه: أعينوا أخاكم فأعانوني في النخل الرجل بثلاثين ودية، والرجل بعشرين ودية، والرجل بخمس عشرة ودية، والرجل بعشر، يعين الرجل بقدر ما عنده حتى اجتمعت لي ثلاثمائة ودية فقال لي رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم: اذهب يا سلمان ففقر لها فإذا فرغت فائتني أكن أنا أضعها بيدي. قال: ففقرت وأعانني أصحابي حتى إذا فرغت جئته فأخبرته فخرج رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم معي إليها فجعلنا نقرب إليه الودي، ويضعه رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم بيده حتى إذا فرغنا فوالذي نفس سلمان بيده ما ماتت منها ودية واحدة فأديت النخل وبقي علي المال فأتي رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم بمثل بيضة الدجاجة من ذهب من بعض المعادن فقال: ما فعل الفارسي المكاتب قال: فدعيت له. قال: خذ هذه فأدها مما عليك يا سلمان قال: قلت: وأين تقع هذه يا رسول الله مما علي؟ قال: خذها فإن الله سيؤدي بها عنك قال: فأخذتها فوزنت لهم منها – والذي نفس سلمان بيده – أربعين أوقية فأوفيتهم حقهم، وعتق سلمان فشهدت مع رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم الخندق حرا، ثم لم يفتني معه مشهد

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